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Jarvee for your Instagram

Jarvee is a widely used Instagram automation tool that automatically manages multiple social media accounts, including following, liking, commenting, and more.

However, some users have reported being banned from Instagram while using Jarvee, leading some to switch to alternative tools such as Wolf Growth.

Wolf Growth is an AI-driven, cloud-based Instagram software that helps increase your followers, likes, and engagement 10x faster than any available tool.

1 Minute Setup • 7 Day Growth Guarantee • Grow Your Instagram Safely

IS Jarvee safe?

Jarvee The Instagram Bot

Jarvee was previously a popular Instagram bot that produced positive outcomes for its users. However, it stopped working due to changes in Instagram's algorithm.

Jarvee is no longer effective; it only gets you a small number of inactive followers or no results.

As of September 20th, 2022, it has been announced that Jarvee has shut down permanently and is no longer offering services.

Wolf Growth offers pure organic growth powered by its AI-driven cutting-edge technology that improves with every single execution, which helps you gain a tremendous amount of organic & active followers relevant to your business.

Wolf Growth is helping thousands of businesses, creators, and brands to grow their Instagram followers, expand their reach, and authentically establish their brands.

With Jarvee

  • Your account will be blocked
  • Too many features for new users
  • You need complicated proxies
  • You acquire irrelevant followers

With Wolfgrowth, on the other hand:

  • Grow your Instagram safely
  • Simple and user-friendly
  • AI Smart Algorithm Process
  • Real and fast growth

Why People Choose Wolfgrowth Over Jarvee

Because numbers don't lie, Wolf Growth users are delighted with their experience. Fast ROI, better engagement, and excellent customer service are some of the major perks.

Want to know why people love Wolf Growth? Here are some of the main reasons:

  • Increase Your Instagram Engagement Automatically
  • 100% Real, Organic and Targeted Growth that lasts
  • High-Engaging Followers Interested in your Content
  • Increase Your Reach, Gain Popularity & Social Proof
  • Instant Setup & Fast Dedicated Support

1 Minute Setup • 7 Day Growth Guarantee • Grow Your Instagram Safely

You’re in great company

Beyond Expectations

Wolf Growth is loved by thousands of users who have automated their accounts and read testimonials from our satisfied customers who have grown their Instagram accounts with our help!

Intelligent features that Jarvee lacks

A Whole New Perspective

Wolf Growth is packed with features, and its user-centric interface enhances the overall growth experience.

Post Planner

Plan and schedule your visual content from desktop to Instagram

Live Reactions

Limitless live reactions on thousands of Instagram stories

Story Viewer

Instagram story viewer at the right speed to help you grow


Intelligently engage media with likes, and follow/unfollow

Pro Analytics

View daily stats, follower growth, top posts & much more

Daily Updates

Get real-time reports via activity logs or setup our telegram bot

User Experience

No matter what device you use, the dashboard is user-friendly

ER Analytics

Measure engagement rate of stories and individual posts

Flexible Pricing. Real Growth.

Get more brand awareness and follower growth with less time and effort 🚀

Wolf Plus

Basic Growth



  • Story Viewer
  • Pro Analytics
  • Profile Editor
  • 5G Proxies
  • Telegram Bot
  • No Targets Limit
  • Real-time Activity
  • Dedicated Support

Wolf Pro

Pro Features



  • Basic Features
  • Mass Interactions
  • Smart Targets
  • ER Analytics
  • Pro Algorithm
  • Welcome DM
  • Live Streaming
  • Restrict Filters

Wolf Business

Extended Benefits



  • Pro Features
  • Post Scheduler
  • Reels Planner
  • Repost Pro
  • Image Editors
  • Direct Inbox
  • Beta Features
  • Priority Support

Experience massive organic growth, build a following on autopilot, and go from zero > influencer > celebrity on command.

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