GDPR Compliance

Last updated: May 2021


The controller guarantees all rights in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation and legislation in force on protection of personal data to every individual, whose data is being processed.

You can send your request via e-mail at address [email protected], via regular mail at address 2880W OAKLAND PARK BLVD, STE. 225C, or orally at before-stated address:

  1. To acquire confirmation whether we process your personal data or not, 
  2. To access the personal data that concerns you 
  3. To acquire information : 
  • On purpose of processing, 
  • On category of personal data concerned, 
  • On users or categories of users, to whom the personal data has been revealed,
  • On period of storage of personal data. 
  1. For correction of personal data that concerns you , 
  2. To delete personal data that concerns you, 
  3. To restrict our processing of personal data that concerns you, 
  4. To object to processing (use) of personal data that concerns you, 
  5. To transfer personal data, that concerns you, to another person,
  6. to revoke your consent to process personal data that concerns you.

Your request will be processed as soon as possible, but no longer than in 1 month since receiving.

You have the right to file a complaint to Information Commissioner.